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Le Bicyclette

Le Bicyclette was a living break down of the word bicycle. There were two cycles of performance, one being a chorus of optimistic, dad dancing, rubbish super heroes. The other being the presence of an ever running flag bearer throughout the city. All set to a soundtrack of Drum'n'Bass, Reggae and Edith Piaf.

Through repetition, the body becomes tired, the mind questions motive, priorities shift and rearrange. This can be seen in the face of the performer. Through each cycle, the performance changes. Sometimes it flags and wains, sometimes it re-ignites and swarms with energy.

It is a reaction against the 'Britain's Got Talent Effect'; whereby the audience disregards sustenance and nuance in place of spectacle and instant gratification. Each cycle degrades and rebuilds, not needing affirmation via applause; it just keeps on going.

It sarcastically smiles in the face of cool; tapping into a child like quality of ego-less confidence. As the performers wave, they are trying to publicly entice you into this same state.

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Created for the arrival of The Tour De France 2014 in collaboration with VIAPerformance.