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Remember Remember

Remember Remember - the fifth of November. Guy 'Guido' Fawkes was born in York in 1570, on the historical street of Stonegate. His name is now shrouded in infamy and each year we burn an effigy of Fawkes' body to celebrate his capture during The Great Gunpowder Plot.


Four Shadows Theatre present 'Remember Remember' - in the very streets Guy Fawkes walked almost 500 years ago.


This is the charred remains of a memory, blistered and distorted. Fawkes appears several times his face lit by a flame, he plans and prepares. Echoes of the plots collaborators run through his head, their voices are prominent and their words stick. They plan to commit an act of treason. Guy Fawkes' name will forever burnt into the history books.


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Thanks to The Treasurers House in York.